Q. Is there lots of space for bivvies?
A. Yes, there is plenty of space on the purpose built 55m X 5m swim.

Q. Is the lake snaggy or weedy?
A. No.

Q. Do you offer a collection/delivery service to the Limoges Airport?
A. Yes, a return fee of £120.00.

Q. How far are you from Calais?
A. 7 ½ Hours.

Q. Do we arrange our own transport?
A. Yes, you can either drive or fly.

Q. Do you offer a food package?
A. Yes, details can be found on the website here.

Q. Do we have the lake to ourselves?
A. Yes, the lake, accommodation and facilities are exclusive to your party.

Q. Are there any silver fish?
A. Yes, Roach, Perch, and Rudd.

Q. Does the cabin have a TV and DVD?
A. It has both, including English channels.

Q. Is there a rowing boat on the lake?
A. Yes, a small rowing boat and also a bait boat is available for hire.

Q. Are there any nuisance fish?
A. There are no nuisance fish and no poisson chat.

Q. Do you live onsite?
A. Yes, we live onsite and are able to offer any help and or assistance should you require it.

Q. Do I need a French Rod Licence and can I night fish?
A. You do not require any licence and 24 hour fishing is permitted.

Q. What time can we arrive on Saturday?
A. Arrival is any time after 2pm.

Q. What is the weather like in the Dordogne?
A. Weather reports can be found here: WeatherReport

Q. Is there parking at the lake?
A. Yes, there is a parking area right next to the cabin.

Q. Where are the nearest shops?
A. There are shops in the local village, with large supermarkets only a 15 minute drive away.

Q. Does the cabin have a BBQ?
A. Yes, the cabin has a BBQ.

Q. Can you walk all the way around the lake?
A. Yes, you have 100{859d4f3da90dff88ce4123620233b93b7952b5aebfa31f66a7349cfdb51bceb9} access.

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