Hooks, Lines and Rigs

No braided main line.

Coated braid hook links only.

15lbs minimum breaking strain main line.

Barbless hooks only. Please leave your barbed hooks at home! Only semi-fixed or running rigs are accepted (inline or using a safety clip system). No fixed rigs. All set ups must have at least a 1 metre length of tubing, safe zone leader or lead core leader above the hook link.

No helicopter or chod rigs.

Fish Care and Handling

Large unhooking mats/cradles must be used and are provided by us Free of Charge.

All photos should be taken kneeling down over a cradle/mat; no standing.

Fish returned using the weight slings provided.

No carp sacks or keepnets – catch and release policy


No nuts and particles (If unsure please ask).


Maximum of 6 people but only 4 anglers.

3 Rods maximum per angler to a maximum of 12 rods per group. Rods must be attended at all times.
Swims to be kept free of litter. (Including cigarette butts)

Wildlife, lakeside vegetation and trees should not be harmed or damaged.

No fires or naked flames.

No excessive drinking whilst fishing.

Noise to be kept to a minimum.

These rules have been put in place to protect the wellbeing of our fish and lake, they must be adhered to. There are no exceptions.